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I am Bruno, Creative Designer with more than 20 years of experience based in Madrid. Since i was a kid i like painting and drawing. After becoming a journalist i started to work for different media companies as designer and consultant. After more than ten years working as Chief Design Editor at MARCA (more readed newspaper in Spain), I currently work in UEStudio, where i make websites, On/Off advertisements, illustrations and music for many different clients like Jaguar, Correos, Kia, Netflix, Michael Kors, Danone...

As freelancer i have been commissioned for redesigning newspapers, media websites, branding for restaurants, infographics, album covers, posters, art catalogs... you name it.

I also teach Web Design at the Master Degree Design On Screens at Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca. I have some SND and Malofiej awards at home too.

But overall i like to spend my spare time going to the mountains, playing guitar, taking photos, observing bad interfaces to make them better and making typefaces like Regattia, my new realease.

For work trajectory and academic info go to my Linkedin.

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